It’s time to game with purpose with play-to-earn (P2E) NFT games. This new trend allows gamers to have fun playing while also making money online along the way.

We’ve seen a couple of P2E games from developers abroad, but did you know that a group of Filipinos also made one? It’s called Anito Legends.

The Anito Legends story is based on Philippine folklore that was developed by Filipino talents under a company called Masayato PTE LTD. The creators collaborated with Yvette Tan, a Palanca award-winning author who has a wide knowledge of local folklore.

Arena Mode (Multiplayer)

Like Axie Infinity and other P2E games, there are things you should know about the game before you start playing. Here are some of them.

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Anito Legends Crypto Tokens

  • $LARO: This is the governance token that can also be used to buy or sell legends in the Anito Legends marketplace.
  • $GINTO: This is the token rewarded to legends, which is normally given to players in single and multiplayer modes.

Anitos (NFTs)


The developers are currently offering four classes of Anitos, which will be sold as NFTs via gacha-style boxes with several rarities. Afterward, Anitos can be had through in-game breeding and by buying them from the marketplace.

Developers note that the rarity is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the gameplay.

Anitos Gacha Box

Tower Mode (Single player)

You can purchase Gaha Boxes using your $LARO tokens on the Legends Marketplace.

Each Anito you open is unique in terms of class, rarity, stats, and visuals. Like everything else in the game, it can be classified as Common, Epic, or Legendary.

While Legendary Anitos doesn’t necessarily mean they have the strongest stats, they do have a higher value in the marketplace, together with the Epic characters.

Anito Classes

LR: Kiwig, Tikbalang, Siyokoy, Sarangay
  • Kiwig: Best protected by defenders in front. They also have high attack capabilities.
  • Tikbalang: These solid tanks were made to protect their allies and are good in defense.
  • Siyokoy: Great as attackers, these monsters are fast and hard hitters.
  • Sarangay: Their high HP makes them good front-liners.

Anito Legends Attributes

  • ATK: Damage that can be dealt to the enemy.
  • DEF: Additional armor or defense.
  • HP: Health/Life of the Anito.

Status Effects in Anito Legends

  • Poison: The affected character will experience deducted HP on every turn. Its effect lasts for a number of turns depending on the strength of the poison.
  • Confuse: A character in a confused state has a 50% chance of attacking its own teammate. This status usually lasts for only a single turn.
  • Sleep: Characters can use select weapons that can make an enemy go to sleep. Once in a sleep state, the character will not be able to attack for a number of turns until it wakes up.

Anito Legends Consumable Items

  • Greater Potion: Can heal an Anito by 100%.
  • Potion: Can heal an Anito by 50%.
  • Revive: Can bring back a dead Anito to life with 50% HP.
  • Sarangay’s Favorite Food: Earn 1 heart when given to Sarangay.
  • Kiwig’s Favorite Food: Earn 1 heart when given to Kiwig.
  • Tikbalang’s Favorite Food: Earn 1 heart when given to Tikbalang.
  • Siyokoy’s Favorite Food: Earn 1 heart when given to Siyokoy.

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Anito Legends Weapons

The game features three weapon classifications. There’s Common, and two NFTs: Epic and Legendary. There are three types of weapons available: Melee, Long Range, and Magic.

  • Area of Effect: All characters will get damage.
  • Ambush: This weapon will attack the backmost character.
  • Burn: The affected character will get additional damage on every turn.
  • Dodge: High chance of dodging attacks.
  • Confuse: The affected character will have a 50% chance of attacking the wrong target.
  • Critical Rate: High chance of inflicting critical damage.
  • Heal: Heal a random character or the whole team.
  • Poison: The affected character will get small additional damage on every turn.
  • Lifesteal: Inflict damage and heal the user.
  • Splash Damage: Also damages an adjacent character.
  • Sleep: Affected character sleeps and loses a number of turns.

Armors of Anitos

Like the weapons, armors in the game are classified as Common, Epic, or Legendary, but only the last two are NFTs. Each armor can increase the character’s basic DEF stat with its own unique stats.

These are some of the key things you should know about before getting into Anito Legends. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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