Gamers who like to take risks and earn cryptocurrency while playing might want to set their sights on Area of Attack, a mobile game for Android and iOS that combines MMORPG elements with blockchain technology.


In terms of plot, Area of Attack isn’t worth writing home about. And yet, as an MMORPG, the game needs a narrative to get its players immersed in a world of fantasy. The adventure begins on a once-peaceful ancient land struck by a meteorite of mysterious origin. Its impact not only brought devastation but also mutated life forms into monstrosities, threatening human existence.

Not all hope is lost though, as the meteorite also gave humans mystical powers that they could wield to defend their lands, explore the unknown, and reap rewards beyond their wildest dreams.


Gameplay of Area of Attack

Similar to established MMORPGs, players interact with the in-game world by means of their character’s avatar. Three classes are available—warrior, mage, and knight—with each having unique traits, skills and equipment that define their roles and fighting styles in battle.

Cooperation among players is encouraged through the formation of strategies and in-game global chat to beat world bosses. PVP elements, such as 1v1 challenges and 3v3 arenas, are also available.

Area of Attack Gaming and Finance

As it is a blockchain-powered game, Area of Attack is designed with a play-to-earn business model in mind. As they progress in the game, players earn tokens that are tradeable in the cryptocurrency market. Opening mystery boxes and winning in arenas and boss battles are some of the ways to earn tokens, which can also be used to buy and upgrade in-game equipment.


The game claims to implement balances to ensure its economy doesn’t collapse as players cash out their tokens. These include a dual token system, token destruction resulting from NFT transactions, and a defined process of production and consumption of assets. The developers behind the game will also let players help decide the development direction of the game by means of voting.

Area of Attack Release Date

Area of Attack had its first closed beta test earlier in March, with early adopters rewarded with a character already boosted to level 40. The game has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels where interested users can follow to receive the latest news. Per recent posts, the game is still looking for more beta testers and has an ongoing sale of its tokens at discounted prices.

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