Sky Mavis, developer of the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, has officially launched early access for its free-to-play game Axie Infinity: Origin.

Despite the recent issue where over $600 worth of ETH and USDC were stolen away from the Ronin network, the developer still pushed through with the

Sky Mavis says all old and existing Axie Marketplace accounts have been migrated to the new system built for the release of Origin. Simply go to the Mavis Hub app, log-in, and install Axie Infinity: Origin.


Since it’s still in early access stage, no SLP or monetary rewards will be given to gamers who play the game.

With Axie Infinity: Origin, new accounts will be given free starter Axies, so they can try out the game. The character designs were also improved, which now look better than previous iterations.


Instead of the turn-based system in V2, Origin’s gameplay relies on sequential turns for faster and more dynamic experience. This also encourages aggressive play-styles.

Other improvements to the game include Runes and Charms as power-ups, aside from the addition of Ear and Eye cards. Axies now have a total of 6 cards each, up from the previous 4. Sky Mavis also reworked the critical hit mechanic, which is now based on Rage.

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