Can’t buy any of the latest NVIDIA RTX 30 series cards? Apparently, the limited stocks were not solely due to production issues caused by the health crisis.

Just like PlayStation 5 fans, gamers who have been waiting to get their hands on the latest NVIDIA RTX 30 series cards were disappointed due to the very limited to almost non-existent stocks.

As you know, tons of manufacturing sites, including NVIDIAs, were disrupted due to the recent global health crisis. However, a latest report suggests that’s not the only reason why PC gamers can’t get their hands on the latest Ampere GPUs.

It’s said that NVIDIA sold USD175,000,000 (around Php8.4 billion) worth of RTX 30 series cards to crypto miners.

The report explains that there will be changes happening in Ethereum, which will lead to older GPUs to be useless. Hence, crypto miners are scrambling to update their mining rigs.

The report said that the new Ethereum 2.0 will launch this December and will come with network upgrades that will require miners to use more efficient hardware for mining. NVIDIA’s new Ampere GPU chips are said to be able to meet those needs.

Via: TweakTown

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