Sony is cooking up a program that will make players want to play more games on the PlayStation platform as well as earn trophies while in it.

To release later this year, a new program called PlayStation Stars will be rolled out and will give players the chance to get something back from their gaming encounters, aside from the amusement and the bragging rights with acquiring Platinum trophies.

Anyone is free to join PlayStation Stars, which would then allow registered members to earn points whenever they are engaged with the PlayStation platform. Earning points can be as simple as logging into either their PS4 or PS5 console, once per month.

But for serious gamers, points can also be earned by claiming particular trophies.


And of course, the most competitive of the bunch can get more points by accomplishing more tasks, such as winning challenges and tournaments, or by being the first to earn a Platinum trophy from a blockbuster title in their region.

Furthermore, any purchase you make at the PlayStation Store is also eligible for earning points, including being subscribed to a higher-priced tier plan of PlayStation Plus for its games-on-demand library.

Per PlayStation representative, via Kotaku, it is said that PlayStation Stars will not be a replacement to the PlayStation Rewards, but is instead two different programs.

Lastly, part of the PlayStation Stars program is also a reward system called “digital collectibles,” which might insinuate non-fungible token (NFT) as a form of reward. However, per Sony VP Grace Chen, via The Washington Post, that’s not the case.

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  1. then why bother taking away the sony rewards when it also paid you thophies or did we all forget that was a thing ….