Kumu is a social app for Filipinos that launched in February 2018 for Android and iOS devices. Its main appeal is letting users do livestreams and interact with followers in real time. Kumu enjoys an increasing user base as Filipinos flock to see their local celebrities and influencers showcase their talents live. The app also has one incentive for users to join and be part of the “Kumunity”—the opportunity to earn money online.

Become a Content Creator

The main way to earn money on Kumu is to be an influential content creator. You only need a smartphone with a camera to get you started on broadcasting as a new user. But if you want take streaming seriously, you’ll have to dedicate a space as your streaming studio, set up a high-res webcam and other gear, and install broadcasting software and other apps.

You also have to decide on what specific content you want to livestream. There are plenty to choose from, such as gaming, music, showbiz, and variety entertainment. Whatever you pick, abide by the Kumu guidelines and policies on acceptable content.


Grow a Following

After settling on a niche for content, your next step is to grow your audience. You have plenty of potential users who may be interested in following you and watching your livestreams. In a Jumpstart Magazine article announcing Kumu’s $5 million Series A funding, the app is estimated to have 3 million registered users that spend an hour in the app on average.

Give these users a good reason to watch your livestreams. Start by portraying a fun, pleasing personality and actively interacting with viewers. Stick to a regular schedule so viewers know when to expect your upcoming livestreams. Do the occasional giveaways and promotions. A gimmick or two every now and then can help you go viral. Maybe livestream while you sleep and wake up to see your view count explode. Heck, it can even make bank.

Suffice to say, satisfy your viewers so they’ll keep coming back. Your chances of receiving virtual gifts go higher as more users view your livestreams.

Earn Diamonds and Cash Out

Receiving virtual gifts is important as this will lead you to earning diamonds, one of the in-app currencies. Reach a minimum of 50,000 diamonds to be able to convert them to cash. The exchange rate of Philippine pesos to diamonds varies over time. In 2020, it was estimated to be P2,500 per 50,000 diamonds.


If you’re just starting out your livestreaming career, consider co-hosting with a more popular streamer. Kumu allows you to invite other users to join your livestream as co-hosts. You and your co-hosts can decide how to split your diamond earnings in the diamond sharing settings.

Once converted to cash, you can request to transfer the money to affiliated banks, over-the-counter channels, and e-wallets. For over-the-counter withdrawal, such as via LBC, remember to bring two valid IDs that show the same name that you supplied to Kumu.

Over 30 banks are affiliated with Kumu for encashing your money. These banks include BDO, BPI, China Bank, Metrobank and Union Bank of the Philippines. E-wallet options are GCash and Coins.ph. Processing fee for withdrawing your earnings depend on your chosen cash-out method, ranging from P5.00 to P60.00. With GCash, it’s 2.0% of your withdrawn amount. You’ll need to wait for the withdrawal process to clear, which may take up to 21 business days, before you can claim your money.

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Promote Products

Like with other social apps, Kumu is a platform where you can partner up with brands and create sponsored content for your livestreams. Reach an influencer level of popularity on Kumu, with hundreds of thousands of followers or more, so that sponsors and brands start to notice you and offer you to be part of their influencer marketing strategy.


As an influencer, strike a good balance between keeping your audience engaged and meeting the requirements of your sponsors. Endorse products to your friends and followers while remaining authentic and not appearing as a sellout. Collaborate with brands that match your niche.

Quiz Mo Ko

If livestreaming isn’t your thing, there’s another way to earn diamonds on Kumu. Known as Quiz Mo Ko, it’s a game show that you can watch on Kumu every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. The game lets you earn up to 500,000 diamonds, and all you have to do is correctly answer all questions during the livestream.

Other official game shows in the Kumu app are May Tamaka, Multiple Chos, Nosebleed Show, and SingTanong. All these game shows are free to join; there’s no entry fee to participate. Do follow the official quiz rules to avoid disqualification and account termination. Also note that some games may only reward virtual coins that can be spent for virtual gifts. These coins are not convertible to cash.

Several Kumu users also hold their own game shows and promise their viewers with rewards, such as GCash, phone load, and gifts. Search in the app using the hashtag #gameshow to see ongoing shows.

Participate in Campaigns

Campaigns are competitive activities that occasionally run on Kumu for limited periods of time. Tasks and things to do vary among different campaigns. Some involve appearing in livestreams, whereas others only require checking in every day. Like the game shows, users who participate or win in Kumu campaigns may receive diamonds, along with coins, gadgets, and other rewards.


Perhaps the best-known campaign is Pinoy Big Brother, whose recent seasons held auditions in the Kumu app to determine the show’s participants, aka housemates. Kumu users who are accepted then take several challenges, many of which involve creating and organizing livestream shows and clips.

To view a campaign, open the Kumu app, tap the menu in the upper-left corner of the screen, and tap Campaigns. Select a campaign to view its description, terms and conditions, tier-based prizes, and details on how to join.

If Others Can Make It, So Can You

While the promise of earning serious cash is enticing, not everyone can reach stardom and earn viable income thru livestreams. You may need to temper your expectations and set it close to reality. Otherwise, you may end up disappointment and unfulfilled.

Yes, others did make it through livestreaming. A Mobile Legends streamer was able to build his dream house. Another gamer was estimated to be earning more than P100,000 a month. Top Filipino personalities on YouTube, such as Raffy Tulfo and Willie Revillame, are currently earning millions every month.

Can you achieve similar success and make a living as a Kumu content creator? It’s possible. The Jumpstart article claimed that over a hundred Kumu content creators have so far managed to earn at least P20,000 from their livestreams. Cosmopolitan Philippines featured a nursing student in 2020 with a Php100,000 monthly earning on Kumu.

The numbers seem to imply that only a handful from the millions of users are earning serious cash on Kumu. Clearly, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme without a need for skill, effort, or time. There’s a lot of work involved. You need to be persistent, and you may also need some luck

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