The Pokemon Company has announced its new game, the Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, that’s launching soon.

Pokemon TGC Live features the same gameplay and mechanics as its real-world counterpart, including rules and regulations. But like Hearthstone and other similar digital games, Pokemon TGC Live will have daily quests, cosmetic customizations, battle and premium passes, and in-app transactions.

As a free-to-play game, the app will also have various currencies such as coins, credits, and crystals. It will also receive regular updates and cards to keep the meta fresh.

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As the newest trading card game in the world of Pokemon, Pokemon TGC Live is set to replace the old Pokemon TCG Online app that only worked on web browsers and tablets. There’s an official FAQs page on when the old app will be shut down and how its existing players can transfer their cards, accessories, and other collections to Pokemon TGC Live.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is headed to Canada first before it is rolled out to other markets all over the globe. It’s confirmed to become available on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, with the latter two to have an open beta that’s scheduled later this year

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