The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge is a tournament that comprises mainly of streamers with lots of followers, professional gamers, and celebrities.

These personalities would be selected from 6 different regions, namely; Asia, Korea, Japan, China, North America, South America and Europe. This is a part of PUBG’s efforts to increase its popularity and reach over the mobile gaming market.

The finalists from each Regional Final will get a cash prize for their efforts. The 2nd runner up will get $10,000, the 1st runner up will receive $15,000 and the Regional Champion will win $20,000 along with a spot to compete in the PUBG Mobile World Finals.


On the other hand, finalists from the World Finals will get an even larger cash prize. Check them out below:

  • Champion — $200,000
  • 1st runner up — $100,000
  • 2nd runner up — $50,000

Unsuccessful contestants can still have a chance to take home some money as the most popular personalities can take home $10,000 through a popularity contest.


Aside from the added exposure and the cash prizes, streaming contracts are also up for grabs. Streamers can now be recognized as an official streamer/content creator of PUBG. It’s a way for PUBG to lock up influencers to promote their game.

The first regional final is scheduled to take place on September 29-30 on Kiev, Ukraine, while the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Finals is set to take place in Dubai by the end of the year.

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