Resident Evil II Remake

The Resident Evil 2 Remake was a surprise reveal at this year’s Sony E3 Press Conference event and we’re not complaining. It was originally announced that a remake was in the works in 2015 and ever since that announcement, nothing has been heard from the remake ever since. Well, until now.

After the original game was released in January 1998 (that’s 20 years ago!), the remake is scheduled to be released next year, January 25, 2019.

The gameplay trailer gave us a glimpse of a younger looking Leon Kennedy on his first day at work. We also get to see another fan favorite Claire Redfield. Leon can be seen killing a zombie that attacked his fellow policeman.

The way the zombie killed the sheriff was truly gruesome and I believe this is what Capcom wants its players to see. The realistic visuals and immersive audios were really well presented, it gives you that heart-pounding experience you want in a horror/survival game.

It was confirmed that new content was also added even though the game is still based on the 1998 classic. Aside from the improvements in the visuals and sound, other new features include a new third-person over-the-shoulder angle which replaced the fixed camera angle in the original game and modernized controls.

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