Ever since Roblox came out in 2006, players and developers alike have made it a platform for exploring different game genres that would cater to children and adults.

Roblox has become a familiar space where people of all ages can bond and share similar experiences, from the most detailed roleplaying worlds to the scariest horror titles.

Among the various servers you can try, one popular genre is the obstacle course worlds, which were later on shortened to form the term “Obby.” While there are obbies where players follow a storyline, increasingly popular Roblox obbies are the themed towers.

What is the difference between the storyline and tower obbies?

Storyline obbies are more focused on a plot, most likely asking players to escape from certain situations, such as a dungeon or a bakery run by an evil baker. The endgame always finds players successfully breaking out of the dilemma, and a badge is rewarded once they’ve accomplished the obby.

Meanwhile, tower obbies focus more on their cozy theme and aesthetics, where players have to ‘parkour’ their way to the top of the tower. Tower obbies are longer than story-based ones, with some developers creating 1,000 or more levels with promises of even more once they’ve updated their game.

Roblox Tower Obbies to immerse yourself

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the different tower-themed obbies that you can enjoy and challenge yourself.

1. Tower of Coffee (Coffee Tower)

Developer: 66trass


This one goes for both obby and coffee lovers, as the relaxing music welcomes you the moment the game loads. It’s as if you have just entered a coffee shop because of its cozy vibe and the different coffee flavor towers the player can climb.

If you want to start simple, head on over to the Classique Tower of Coffee to start your journey, and once you have accomplished that, why not try the others, such as the Mocha Coffee Tower, Dalgona Coffee Tower, or even the Pumpkin Spice Latte Tower?

No matter what your coffee preference is, this obby will get you brewing your cup as you comfortably climb more than ten caffeine (and even non-caffeine) themed obstacle courses. Just don’t palpitate, so you don’t fall off.

2. Boba Tea Tower

Developer: 66trass


Created by the same developer as Tower of Coffee, 66trass brings more chill gaming to Roblox obby tower players, this time with the popular boba tea (commonly known to us simply as ‘milk tea’) themed towers.

Enter six different boba-themed towers, all pleasant, once again accompanied by cozy music as you try to reach the top. The developer has been putting much effort into making the towers as comfy as possible.

With soft music and softer color palettes, this is one of the most relaxing Roblox obbies that gives off a similar satisfaction as when enjoying your favorite milk tea drink.

3. Tower of Drinks

Developer: Charlemagne Obbies


Another fun and comforting beverages-themed tower, Tower of Drinks, allows players to climb various drinks-related obstacles ranging from our daily drinking water to lemonade, hot chocolate, and more.

The developer takes inspiration from various tower obbies, including Tower of Coffee, to create this server that focuses not only on coffee and boba tea but a wide variety of beverages that everyone can easily navigate.

These are towers that definitely remind you to stay hydrated while enjoying your Roblox games.

4. Ice Cream Tower

Developer: VIN3 Tower Fan Club


This dessert-themed obby tower focuses on various ice cream flavors, from our classic favorites, cookies & cream, and chocolate, to unique flavors such as boba and cotton candy.

There are also popular ones, such as sundaes and the classic popsicle sticks. No matter which flavor you choose, it’s undeniable that this fun Roblox obby tower can help you kick back and cool off from reality.

5. Tower of Hell

Developer: YXCeptional Studios


Perhaps one of the most popular and classic obby towers out there is the Tower of Hell, so it’s no surprise that many tower developers have this title on their list of inspirations to create their own.

In fact, it’s a unique and challenging tower because the stages are randomly generated and may go on and on to challenge yourself for every tower you get spawned into. What makes it even more exciting is a time limit that continues to count down.

So, if you’re new to obby towers and want to try one of the original tower obstacle courses, this server is the place to start.

6. Jewelry Stage Tower

Developer: Crongg Studio


If you are fond of jewelry or are familiar with crystals, this tower obby is the perfect theme. Make your way through jewelry or crystal-themed stages ranging from diamond, sapphire, emerald, and more.

What’s more, the devs assure the players that there will be updates (on stages) every Saturday, and what do Obby tower players like the most, but to see new themed towers that allow for hours of climbing?

One fun challenge for every portal to the next stage is to guess the next jewel or crystal theme. It also serves as a refresher on your knowledge of crystals.

7. Sushi Stage Tower

Developer: 0upg Studios


As you have probably noticed, the most popular theme for obby Roblox tower developers (and even the storyline obbies) is based on either beverages or food. This is no exception as the next suggested obby on this list is easily not only a foodie’s favorite but even when it comes to Roblox obstacle courses.

True to its theme, Sushi Stage Tower takes you to various stages with delightful courses resembling a colorful sushi platter. Of course, these color schemes are based on our favorite flavors, and they will surely make you crave sushi on the side while you try to make your way across different platforms.

8. Pocky Tower

Developer: icestuds


Who wouldn’t want to try tower-themed Pocky flavors? This obby tower is a satisfying snack and a cute and cozy reminder usually associated with this Japan-based treat. Try climbing different flavors from the original to the matcha, and even the banana chocolate flavor, which also serves as the tower obby’s special stage.

Complete the towers and you may even earn badges. The developer also promises players that the game will be updated soon.

9. Aesthetic Tower

Developer: Sheepz


We’ve gone through a list of obby towers that focus their themes mostly on food and drink, but here’s a gem for players who want to relax, enjoy cozy music, and maybe climb the tower a couple of times or more.

Aesthetic Tower uses different colors and obstacles at every checkpoint to ensure you have comfortable gameplay. They even provide players with a free blue coil (which allows the player to jump higher) and a red coil (which allows the player to speed up) if they feel like using it during their climb.

In addition, there are freebies such as pets to accompany you while you climb the tower, and even a ‘coffee shop’ area at the lobby where you can use points to exchange them for items you can carry while on your journey.

Aesthetic Tower is also unique because there is a completion system where you can earn rewards (such as pets) depending on how many times you’ve completed the tower. There are 46 checkpoints, and this tower can provide hours of fun.

10. Sanrio Obby

Developer: cinnoelle


Let’s cap off this list with a cute and familiar theme: the Sanrio characters. If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, Kuromi Kitty, My Melody, and the rest of the gang, this obby will surely make you smile.

Immerse yourself in the Sanrio world here on Roblox by parkouring your way around, under, and above these adorable and memorable characters. It’s also a way of both relieving nostalgia and introducing our childhood to today’s new generation of kids who are learning more from what Roblox server developers have to offer.

That’s it for the top tower obbies that every Roblox player should at least try. We hope that you found this list enjoyable, especially for players out there who are looking for servers to get themselves started in Roblox.

There are a lot of tower obbies offering a variety of themes and immersion. So, go out there and game.

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