Firefly Games just announced that the Romans: Age of Caesar mobile version is now available on both Android and iOS devices in select countries.

The Romans: Age of Caesar mobile is a co-op MMORTS that allows players to build grand structures through its expansive empire map. Like the real Roman Empire, gamers can also create alliances, discover crucial resources, and of course, have tactical wars in epic battles that can be done across PC and mobile platforms.


You can sharpen the skills of your legion by protecting your border from barbarian threats or better yet, play against other players online.

Aspiring Caesars can also befriend, or betray, other governors online, defeat common threats, and ensure the prosperity of each shared city.


Players should also work their way up through the Senate to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming Caesar.

Some of the key features of Romans: Age of Caesar mobile include ruling the legendary empire to expand its territory; building your own online city and protecting it; having a battle with enemies, trading with other cities, and exploring an ancient world with thousands of other players.



As stated earlier, you’re also tasked to defend your city from barbarians and rival players by leading your legions; and working your way to rise through the ranks of the Senate to ultimately become Caesar.


Possibly the game’s best feature yet: it’s free to play on your Android or Apple mobile phone or tablet with cross-platform multiplayer and frequent updates.

The Romans: Age of Caesar mobile is now available in select countries through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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