New details are emerging about the availability of Sony‘s PlayStation 5 as the launch date approaches. According to a Reddit post which outlines information scooped from PlayStation Direct, a new PlayStation website, the purchase of the PlayStation 5 will be limited to just one unit per person/household.

That’s based on the PlayStation Direct’s source code, so it must be true. It is obvious that Sony is trying to manage the demand and supply for the highly anticipated launch of the PS5, which is expected to sell around 10 million units.


This policy will not be a direct one that can easily be sidestepped. Pre-orders will be done directly through PlayStation alongside a traditional third-party retailer so that customers cannot pre-order from multiple retailers.

There’s also a “PS5 Compatible” badge that was revealed by the backend code, which was speculated by Reddit users to be used as cross-gen titles from the PlayStation 4. This corresponds to Sony’s earlier announcement, that almost all of its most popular titles will be backward compatible from the first day the PlayStation 5 will be launched.

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