Steam reached an all time-high 20 million+ concurrent users over the weekend


Steam, a PC gaming platform, reached an all-time high record of its concurrent users over the weekend with 20,313,451 gamers. It’s the first time for the platform to attain more than 20 million users online at the same time with nearly 6.4 million actively playing a game.

Steam is not new to breaking its record. Just a month ago, the gaming platform reached 19 million users. This feat this time is notable as it has been done in a relatively shorter time.

During the weekend, the most popular games were our all-time favorites. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clocked at 1,024,845 concurrent players, followed by DOTA 2 at 701,632 and PUBG at 515,050 simultaneous players.


Steam has not provided a reason as to the growth of its users. However, it’s safe to speculate that since the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone around the globe has been staying indoors. The outbreak has lead people to stay in their homes to prevent its rapid spread.

In the Philippines, there are 140 confirmed COVID-19 cases. As a way to combat this, the government has put the whole Luzon island on “enhanced community quarantine”. Both work and public transportation are suspended.


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