PlayPark, one of the most popular developers in the Philippines, has announced a new mobile game called StreetBallers SEA, which promises a dynamic and unique gaming experience.

The StreetBallers SEA by PlayPark is quite similar to the FreeStyle Street Basketball in 2004. This new mobile game will feature 3D graphics, a play style with a combination of multiple skills, and a diverse character lineup. Players can enjoy playing with friends on 3v3 high-stakes and fast-paced basketball matches.



The game has one key feature: dynamic skill action. This allows gamers to perform different tricks and skills. Together with different customization options, gamers can be whatever type of player they want to rise and defeat any other players.

PlayPark is yet to give us an official launch date for StreetBallers SEA. However, it is confirmed to arrive on both mobile platforms: Android through Google Play Store and iOS through the Apple App Store.

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