Everyone loves online shopping, whether it’s for personal use, homecare, or a gift for a friend. When you finally hit the checkout option, we’re pretty sure that you get all too excited waiting for your package to arrive.

The waiting process involves constantly checking your email address to copy your order number and manually tracking its delivery status. Fortunately, Google has come up with a new way to make this tracking process a whole lot easier.

Launched last November 2022, a few weeks into the holiday season, package delivery tracking is a Gmail feature that will allow users to easily check the status of their orders via email.

For emails containing tracking numbers for packages, quick information regarding the delivery status will be prominently displayed in the inbox list view and on the top of individual emails.



The information is brief and concise, but can instantly provide the information you need as you wait for the delivery. You can see labels like “Arriving tomorrow”, “Delivered today”, or the estimated delivery date.

Unfortunately, the feature is only exclusive to major shipping carriers in the United States for now. Hopefully, more logistics companies in more countries will be onboard soon.

How to turn on package tracking on Gmail?

Method 1: If the feature is available in your country, you should automatically see a “Track your packages in Gmail” notice when you open your Gmail account. Simply click “Allow” and you’re good to go.


Method 2: If the first method is not available, simply open your Gmail app then go to Settings > select your email address > General > Package tracking.

That’s it. Gmail is slowly rolling out this feature, so just check back again if your account doesn’t have it.

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