Gaming in the Philippines will be taken to new heights with the launch of The Nationals, the first ever eSports franchise league.

Despite coming from another era, The Nationals will be following traditional competitive league format. There will be three gaming categories, divided by their respective platforms.

The eSports athletes will be competing in tournaments around the region governed by the Asian Games, SEA Games, and the Olympics.

Currently, here are the corporate members who are heavily involved in the creation and development of the upcoming gaming league The Nationals.

  • PLDT and Smart Communications
  • STI Education Systems
  • TNC Pro Team
  • HappyFeet Esports
  • Cignal TV Inc.
  • BrenPro Inc.

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To handle the tournament operations, ESGS (Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit) organizer will be joining to handle logistics and events.

For maximum exposure, The Nationals gaming league will be aired live on ESPN5 Philippines.

As a starting point, Smart Communications and PLDT will be holding “The Road to The Nationals” tournament in August. This is one of their ways to find great talent and players around the country. It will be happening in ten (10) locations across the country, but the specific places were not yet mentioned.

According to Newzoo Insights, the Philippines currently has a growing 32 million strong Filipino gamers as of the moment.

Source: TV5

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