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University of the Visayas New School (UVNS) announced that they are now offering eSports Gaming course for senior high school students this upcoming school year.

If you are more interested in what’s happening behind the scenes of producing a game, there will be Game Development classes. But in case you will be actually taking the eSports course, UVNS prepared a lot of core subjects for you: Theories, Mechanics, Strategies and Game Awareness. Prospected students will be also taught things about game design, branding, shout casting, and entrepreneurship.

“We’ll have game strategy for Dota 2 and we will have game design and development animation and 2D and 3D animation, and of course, game creation. After two years, the students can either choose to be game creators, designers, or e-sports players in the professional league,” – Genesis Raña, founder and school director.

And probably one of the best benefits of enrolling in UVNS is their facilities. The school is said to have all the right tools for their future students to be utilized for learning. Tools that I’m pretty sure a lot of PC gamers here in the country have dreamt getting their hands on.

UNVS eSports and Game Development Equipment

The first item on the list is the Oculus Development Kit 2. This thing is can be used for developing VR games, an industry that can’t find the perfect momentum to take off, which makes its future really uncertain.

The school also has gaming mouse a keyboard. Both of these peripherals are from an unsung brand called CLiPtec. They are said to have all the right features to cope up with a gamer’s high actions per minute. Students will be also using a gaming headset, which is also from the same brand.

And probably the most important component of all, the Gaming PC. We don’t still have the official specs of the computer that they will be using, but it said to have a high-end CPU and GPU, plus other beefy components.

So, if you’re really sure that gaming is your thing, then you can enroll to UNVS game design senior high track this incoming school year.

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