Of the many available MOBA games, I’m particularly fond of Dota 2. It may not be forgiving to the casual player, but it can be a fun, challenging pastime once you’ve got the hang of it. Customizing your heroes with items enhances the experience even further, which this guide will teach you how to buy through GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

I have recently purchased a couple of hero sets to beef up my favorite heroes and it was quite good. Some players really don’t mind the cosmetics, but I just couldn’t help but try the awesome sets they have. The first set I bought was the Curse of the Malignant Corruption for Lion, followed by several sets for Anti-Mage and Lina that were put on sale by Valve. Other items I purchased are keys for treasures which also contains rare and mythical sets. It’s actually better if you have them as the key only cost $2.50 while a rare set is usually around $3.99 (they’re usually old ones, though). Dota 2 Store checkout

How to purchase Dota 2 items/sets in the Philippines

Let’s get started by going to the official Dota 2 Store. I suggest using an external browser (either Chrome or Firefox) since the in-game browser is often excruciatingly slow. Browse for items or hero sets you’d like to buy, and add them to your cart. There are several other in-game items like announcer pack, couriers, and treasures which contain rare items and/or complete hero sets.

When you’re done shopping, review your cart, remove items added by mistake, and proceed to the checkout page.

To pay, you first need to add funds to your Steam Wallet. So go ahead and click that green Add Funds button. But before this, make sure that your Globe GCash AMEX account is loaded with some money so your transaction would succeed. You can load it up by going to a Globe center or by linking your bank account (BPI, BDO, etc) to your GCash mobile number. As for me, I have my mine linked so the transfer of money was hassle free.

Dota 2 Store add funds

When you’ve arrived at the Payment Info page, select American Express as your payment method. Fill up the necessary details of your AMEX account as well as your billing information. Click Continue to proceed.

Dota 2 Store payment method

Check under Review + Purchase page if everything is in order. Click Purchase, and you’re done! The item should be immediately available in the game.

Many items sold in the Dota 2 Store can be really expensive. Luckily, there are other legit places to buy Dota 2 items, one of which is the Steam Community Market. Many players go there to sell their unwanted or extra items, usually at prices that are much lower than the asking price in the official store. There’s even a graph to check out the fluctuations in the price for each item. If the Dota 2 item you’re looking for is available in the community market, you can also use your GCash AMEX account to buy it. The process is similar to the steps above.

For the record, players have a lot of payment options to choose from to buy items at the official Dota 2 store. So why use GCash AMEX? The first reason that immediately comes to mind is convenience, especially for the young and/or unemployed players without the means to get their own bank-issued credit cards and other payment methods. Signing up for GCash Amex, on the other hand, is relatively easy.

In many ways, the GCash AMEX Virtual Pay functions as a normal debit card (i.e., you can purchase electronics from Amazon, buy games at mobile app stores, verify your Paypal account, and many more). But instead of a line of credit, the funds on your GCash will be used to pay for purchased goods through the virtual card.

If you’re a Dota 2 gamer and you want to buy stuff from the store, you might want to try this out! If you have some questions, let us know and we’ll help you out. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

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