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I was curious how the Globe GCash American Express work on international online stores so I tried it last month. I will share my experience on my purchase of two Sony headphones which arrived two weeks ago.

I visited last September 2 and I searched for something that I could buy. I stumbled upon two Sony headphones which I thought were affordable enough so I  made an account and added them to my cart right away. I also signed up for the free trial of the Amazon Prime so my products can be shipped the next day. The normal turnaround is 1 week but since I enrolled in the 30-day trial, it was shipped quickly (2 days).

Globe GCash Amex Amazon

The Globe GCash AMEX comes with a My-ShoppingBox subscription too which include a US address and phone number where you can send the products to. After receiving it, they will ship it here in the Philippines. This makes online shopping easier, faster, and more affordable.

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The total cost of my purchase is $38.09 for the Sony MDR-ZX100 ZX and Sony MDR-ZX300 Series headphones and the shipping was around $23.24. The prices below are the actual prices as of today.

Sony MDR-ZX100 ZX

I paid the amount using my Globe Gcash AMEX and it went smoothly. After the transaction, I immediately received the confirmation email that my order will be processed.

Sony MDR-ZX300

It was delivered to my US address and I got an email the moment they received it there. To continue with the shipping, I tried to log in to my My-ShoppingBox account but I can’t seem to open it even though I’m using the correct password. I used ‘forgot password’ but it didn’t worked. So I emailed their support and thankfully, they gave me a new password and I was able to sign in on my account.

I authorized the shipping on my My-ShoppingBox account dashboard and the fee was automatically deducted to my GCash account as I confirmed the transaction. I was given a tracking number to know where my package is. It can be checked through their website’s homepage.

After two weeks, this box with Amazon and My-Shopping Box logos arrived on our doorsteps. It contained the two Sony headphones I ordered from Amazon. I checked both units and they’re fine.


The overall turnaround time was approximately 20 days which I think is not bad at all. With that, you’ll get a more savings as compared to prices offered here. In this purchase, I saved almost Php1000. To give you an idea, your savings can go as high as Php5,000 and more depending on the items. However, please note that it will take 3-4 weeks for the package to arrive here.

Have you tried online shopping using your Globe GCash American Express? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hello po. I got an error purchasing using my gcash amex in amazon. What addresses did you use for billing? I know I should have use US address to my shipping right? But amazon is sending me a msg saying they are having issues in verifying my account

    1. If I remember correctly I have it both set up to the US address. Please contact the GCash support if you need assistance.

  2. Hi, tanong ko po kung yung $23.24 ay rate ng My Shopping Box? Kung hindi, magkano po ang binayaran ninyo sa shipping cost ng MSB tsaka yung package dimension ng box po pwede malaman? Thank you.

  3. Sir, question po. Kasama po ba sa kino-compute na fee ng MyShippingBox ang dimension ng buong package? Thanks

    1. Alam ko kasama na. According sa MSB whichever is higher. Kapag bulky yung items at magaan yung volume weight(dimension ng package) ang i consider nila. Pero kung maliit naman at mabigat, yung actual weight ang kukunin sa pag compute.