Huawei P10 charger catches fire, Huawei staff tries to pin blame on owner


China’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, is under fire yet again, after an incident involving a Huawei Flagship charger caught fire after being used for the second time.

It hasn’t been long since the the P10 line caught negative feedbacks for its use of different flash storage chips.

Weibo user Wen Xiao Xiang, the person who owned the blazing charger, took his experience and shared it through the microblogging site.

He said in his post that the scary incident happened during the second time the charger was used. He stated that after plugging the charger and leaving it, it started to catch fire. The fire was strong enough to leave stains on the wall and damage the outlet where it was plugged.

Of course, the owner decided to contact the company regarding the matter. He was initially surprised to see the quick response of Huawei, sending officials to handle the issue. When they arrived at his home, the staff retrieve the broken charger to put it under tests and inspections for malfunctions – finding out the cause of the fire incident. They also did an inspection of the home’s wiring, seeing if it can be a probable cause as well.

A professional electrician, courtesy of Tengzhou’s Huawei’s after-sales center, was brought in to give the wiring a thorough check. According to the electrician, there were no present issues with the wiring — absolving the phone owner of blame.

What surprised Wen is the sudden lack of transparency between him and the Huawei staff. He stated that they declined to process a written report that will explain how he had nothing to do regarding the incident. With the said action, it seemed that the Huawei team who responded planned on pinning the blame in his home’s wiring.

According to Wen, the whole conflict would have been avoided if only Huawei took the time to replace the broken charger instead of putting the blame on him. He even showed the original receipt from where and when he his Huawei P10 to show that it came from a trusted and legitimate phone store.

To add insult to injury, Huawei’s Tengzhou office is now calling Wen, asking him to take down his Weibo posts regarding the charger incident.

There is no official statement from Huawei regarding the issue.

Source: GizmoChina

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