One of the most prominent streamers on Twitch, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, is making history for having what is, to date, the biggest streaming deal, following an agreement to make a shift to a rival platform, Kick.

The move to Kick will see xQc getting tied to the platform in a two-year contract and will see the brand becoming the platform’s biggest name upon entry, with the intent of leveraging on the community’s growing frustrations with Twitch.

The deal said to be worth 9 figures is brokered by none other than Lengyel’s agent and Evolved Talent Agency CEO, Ryan Morrison, which describes it as “non-exclusive.” Including incentives, it’s reportedly worth over $100 million.

Speaking on the topic, xQc describes his agreement with Kick as that giving him the freedom to do things he has not done before.

Already entrenched to be easily moved, xQc claims that other platforms are finding it hard to throw offers his way, highlighting the special consideration that came with Kick and the people behind its operations.

Streaming platforms looking to find their champion is not uncommon in the business. But since Microsoft’s now-defunct Mixer died down during the pandemic, the industry has not seen major deals in the space for quite a while.

With xQc’s move to Kick, it only signals other already established streaming platforms, like YouTube and Twitch, that there is another serious competition on the bloc, one so keen on giving them a run for their money.

Despite being a relative newcomer in the space, Kick has been doubling down in its effort to outshine the competition, especially Twitch, as the more creator-friendly platform.

Source: NYTimes

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