Things had been a little stagnant on Valorant following months of no new game modes to introduce to its players. But it seems like Riot Games is cooking up something that gamers might actually want, involving just two players.

While not yet official, some leaked images are showing a potential game mode that could be hitting Valorant’s live servers soon—a 1v1 game mode that will essentially pit two opposing players in the form of a duel.


Per popular Valorant leaker ValorLeaks on Twitter, the said 1v1 game mode would likely be set in a best-of-10 or best-of-13 match.

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With no official confirmation from Riot Games, there is no telling for now whether this interesting feature is indeed in the works or if it is planned for release at all.

Another particularly occupying find is another game mode called Quickplay, which is also as hard to speculate about if compared to existing Unrated game modes. But if we were to guess, it’s probably a longer version of Spike mode with the ability to purchase and choose guns.

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