There’s a chance that the upcoming mobile version of Valorant is launching first in the Southeast Asian region, if the remarks of an employee from developer Riot Games are any indication.

During an interview with ONE Esports, Riot Games General Manager Justin Hulog said that releasing the game in Southeast Asia first would make sense, given that the region has high demand for the game. That said, battle royale games in general, be it mobile or PC versions, are in high demand here. That’s probably why the Philippines was the lucky first to be chosen for the Apex Legends Mobile beta launch.

Valorant Mobile mockup by @BluewolfCodm

Hulog, however, didn’t rule out other regions for Valorant Mobile’s initial launch. He suggested that, to address challenges and expectations especially on the game’s performance on mobile, releasing in markets with less demand might be the smarter move.

Riot officially announced Valorant Mobile in early June. It’s rumored to be released later this year.

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