Free up some space in your smartphone, because Apex Legends Mobile is arriving this month in the Philippines.

Along with India, the country will be the first region to get to experience a small, closed beta test period before the game is rolled out elsewhere in the world. That publisher EA decided to roll it out to the Philippines first is rather to be expected, given that online mobile games such as PUBG and Mobile Legends are very popular here.


With a vibe and aesthetic that’s fairly close to its PC and console counterparts, Apex Legends Mobile is made to be optimized for touch display and controls. The initial test is only available on Android devices, though. iPhone owners will have to wait for a future beta test update at a later time.

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And like its counterparts, Apex Legends Mobile is free-to-play. It will also have its own battle passes for unlocking purely cosmetic items. But unlike other games, such as Fortnite and Rocket League, Apex Legends Mobile does not have a cross-play feature; players on PC or console won’t be matched with the mobile players.

The game initially had a 2020 release, but there’s the pandemic that caused the delay.

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