Citing an ‘anomalous’ transaction that sees the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) misallocating procured devices that are essential in project testing, the Commission on Audit (COA) is reprimanding the agency for its faulty transaction.

According to a 2019 annual audit report on NTC, it was found out that 44 smartphones amounting to Php2.1 million was acquired by the agency via its National Capital Region (NCR) and Central Office (CO). 

The devices were meant to be used as tools for engineers doing field work, particularly in testing mobile internet speed and other broadband services in specific areas. But the mobile phones were instead handed out to branch directors and their technical staff, all the while leaving the engineers working on “borrowed phones.”


In its defense, the NTC claims that the move to hand out the devices to its executives is because they are part of the project.

COA, however, claims that no evaluation results arising from the project was submitted by NTC.

Source: PhilStar

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