You can now watch your representatives go through with legislative proceedings live on television.

In collaboration with the state-owned People’s Television Network (PTV), the House of Representatives of the Philippines recently launched an initiative called CongressTV as a dedicated free-to-air digital channel aimed at enhancing transparency and public engagement in the legislative process.

Similar to C-SPAN in the US, CongressTV provides coverage of the proceedings and deliberations of the House. PTV’s digital channel 14 in Manila will serve as the free-to-air broadcast platform for the initiative. It can also be accessed on channel 46 through GMA Affordabox and channel 2 using ABS-CBN TVPlus.

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CongressTV aims to close the gap between the Filipino populace and their representatives and offer unfiltered access to the sessions and daily activities of the House. According to House Speaker Romualdez, this is a commitment that guarantees no Filipino is left in the dark. He likened the initiative to a bridge “built on the pillars of transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.”

PTV general manager Ana Puod is the veteran broadcaster who envisioned CongressTV. “By airing the sessions of Congress, we aim to present democracy in action,” she said.

CongressTV started airing daily on January 23 from 9am to 9pm. The proceedings are also livestreamed and available on the social media channels of the House of Representatives and PTV on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and X (formerly known as Twitter).

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