In a bid to push for a better and faster internet to the Filipino consumers, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is seeking to impose a sanction that will charge telecommunications companies Php2 million per day, if their advertised internet speed is not being met.

The imposition comes from the ongoing issue of telcos offering internet services that consistently fluctuates from the marketed speed, a topic that was raised by Sen. Grace Poe during a Senate plenary discussion over DICT’s proposed 2021 budget.

Part also of the conversation boils down to the subject of the existing law’s lenient penalty which only demands a mere Php200 per day fee for Internet Service Providers (ISP) who deviate from what they offer to the public.

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The current law draws from the Public Services Act which was signed back in 1936.

According to Sen. Panfilo Lacson, the same person who sponsors the DICT budget, the government agency is asking for a harsher penalty over transgressing companies in order to push for them to deliver on their promise to consumers.

While still in the process of potentially becoming a law, Sen. Poe claims that there’s actually a pending bill that is aimed at offsetting the issue—the Senate Bill No. 1831 or the Better Internet Bill.

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