If there is one thing that the Philippines have in abundance, it’s that we have too many okras So, there were different ideas as to how to make use of them, including making toothpaste.

Despite being treated as a vegetable, okra is actually a fruit and you’ve probably eaten it if you can remember its slimy texture once cooked. The Department of Science and Technology – Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) is in charge of doing something about the okra surplus.

As of the moment, DOST-ITDI has been able to come up with products from okra which include Banaba milk tea and toothpaste blended with calamansi seed oil.

The organization encourages food manufacturers and processors to make use of okra as a way to generate additional income and to not waste this opportunity. What would you do with the the surplus of okra? What ‘inventions’ can you think of using this fruit?

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  1. Hi. We can research the potential of using okra slime as ultrasonic sound gel, skincare ingredient, dietary supplement for eye health and sight care.