You’ve probably heard of eSIM, which made it to the mainstream after Apple implemented it on their newer iPhones to make them, technically, have dual SIM capability, even if they only have a single physical SIM card slot.

The goal is to limit the use of plastic SIM cards as eSIMs lets you switch networks without having to get a new, physical one. Now — we’re not sure why — just in case you want this feature on your Android smartphone, there might be a way.

SIM-card-device-eSIM-compatible-NoypiGeeks-5641 was able to create an eSIM-based SIM card. It kind of defeats the purpose, but it’s a practical approach for those who really want this feature. Albeit, it doesn’t have the same level of integration that actual eSIMs have that are built-in on most phones.

It should be similar to the traditional SIM in terms of hardware. Meaning you can purchase one and install it on a non-eSIM smartphone. Still, it has all the software specifications like the real one.


This means that it can store different network profiles, and even works with the already supported Android APIs. It still won’t work directly with Google’s SIM manager app, so you’d be configuring the settings, including its network switching capability, via a dedicated app.

It can work on other devices, but since the app only appears to work on Android, you can’t switch networks.


Still, the need for this product is questionable, especially when you look at the price. It apparently starts for USD25 (around Php1,300).

Via: Android Police

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