Another day, another play-to-earn NFT game. For gamers who are interested in shooters while also looking for a way to earn money on the side, check out Special Force Rush.

Special Force Rush Gameplay

Special Force Rush claims to be the first play-to-earn (P2E) online FPS game in the Philippines. With the look and feel of the classic SF game, Rush has additional mechanics for earning coins as well as improved game modes and maps.

If you’re familiar with the classic SF or even the Counter-Strike series, you can pick up the basics fast enough and start playing Rush like a pro. Players can choose characters that offer varying stats and are inspired by real-life police tactical units and special operations forces across the globe.


Players must also select weapons to use before joining a match. Various weapons are available and grouped into different categories. Rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns comprise the primary weapons, whereas secondary weapons consist of handguns. Players can also equip themselves with melee and throwing weapons, such as knives and grenades.

Special Force Rush Game Maps and Modes

The game features four maps—Missile, Train, Desert Camp, and Satellite—with each map dividing players into the offense and defense teams. The former aims to capture or destroy a target object on the map, while the latter thwarts the former’s attempt.

Special Force Rush NFTs and In-Game Items

By accomplishing the game objectives and eliminating opponents, players gain in-game coins called SFR that they can then trade into cryptocurrency called BEBIT coins.

With enough BEBIT coins, P2E players can opt to purchase NFTs called Infinity Stones that they can use to cash out via peer-to-peer NFT transactions. The stones are also obtainable via other payment methods and can be upgraded to higher rarities, which when used in a supported game within the Infinity Market, can grant players with a large amount of in-game coins.


How to Register in Special Force Rush

Interested? Head to and click Create Account. The steps involve creating a Rush Wallet account and setting up an authenticator for your wallet security. Once done, connect your wallet with Infinity Market. Download and install the game client, log in, and start playing.

Special Force Rush News and Community

The game has an official Facebook page to promote new features as well as announce the latest news. For those who want to chat with fellow players in the SF Rush community, a Discord server is also available.


Contests and events are also regularly held in the game’s official social media channels to reward lucky winners with gaming gears, NFTs and other prizes. One notable event is the upcoming Open Beta Test on May 10, during which the game is claiming to give away 5 million worth of prizes.

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  1. how comes my account had been blocked? I don’t understand why? I NEVER used CHEAT since the day i started playing this game SFRush I’m so DISAPPOINTED! can you explained to me why my account is blocked?