The Office of the Solicitor General of the Philippines, headed by Jose Calida, was reportedly hacked, with as many as 345,000 sensitive files and documents possibly compromised.

According to UK security firm TurgenSec, as first reported by Rest of World, it first discovered a breach in the solicitor general’s office in February, with around 345,000 files exposed in a publicly accessible data store.

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Many of these files were used for ongoing legal cases, office personnel information, and intelligence reports. Case topics found in the breach involved drugs, abuse, rape, terrorism, trafficking, and more. Several were also marked as private, confidential, and related to witnesses.

TurgenSec promptly emailed the office and the Philippine government about the breach, first on March 1 and once again on March 24, but they reportedly didn’t respond to the emails. The breach remained open until April 28. By then, at least one unknown third party was observed to have accessed and downloaded data.

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