If you’re a driver here in the city, you probably have experienced having to pay for parking space. While this is natural, what strikes drivers off guard is the fact that they sometimes get asked for twice the fee indicated in their ticket.

This is one cause of complaint not only to drivers, but to Filipinos who find that there are no standards being set for this kind of ‘business’. It has become so much of a problem that Mayor Isko Moreno even requested citizens to report of overcharged parking fees.

Well, here’s one uplifting news: the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) has issued Ordinance Number 7988 which states that a standard rate for parking fees will be implemented all over Metro Manila.


Manila parking flat rates

  • Light vehicles (jeeps, cars, pedicabs, and motorcycles) — PHP 50 with a maximum for 8 hours of parking time.
  • Medium vehicles (vans, delivery trucks except 10-wheelers) — PHP 75 for a maximum of 8 hours of parking.
  • Heavy vehicles (10-wheeler trucks. buses,and heavy equipment) — PHP 100 with a maximum parking time of 8 hours as well.

The ordinance has actually been passed since March 25, but is only taking effect this month. Take note that this does not make mention of mall parking rates just yet.

With a proper guide for parking fees, drivers can rest assured that those who raises the fee beyond what is implemented would be lessed, if not completely gone.

In case you find establishments and attendants violating the new flat rate parking fee in Manila, the government encourages you to report them.

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