DOTr will deliver driver’s licenses and vehicle plates straight to your home


The pandemic and the stricter rules which followed it did not only affect restaurants, supermarkets, or delayed settlement of bills; it also halted private sectors’ role to provide their services as usual. 

Fortunately, we have recently entered the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) period, and most offices and services have now resumed operation. On the downside however, long lines and stand-by on waiting areas are not yet advisable. 

In light of this, organizations have resulted to online means as a way to connect with their customers and update them of their services. One example is the Department of Transportation (DOTr) who proposed to deliver vehicle license plates and driver’s license directly to your home.

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Sec. Arthur Tugade of DOTr made this known on May 28, 2020 prior to the switch to GCQ status as a means for Filipinos to receive their vehicle license plates and driver’s license while waiting in the comfort of their homes.

Not only is this convenient when it comes to practicing social distancing and safety precautions, but it also serves the organization to verify the address encoded on someone’s driver’s license. 

Tugade also mentioned that the agency plans to launch an online application for the issuance of driver’s license. There is no ‘release date’ yet on when this online service will be available, but we’ll update this post once it’s out.

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