Bounce, an American luggage company, conducted a study regarding airports and it said that Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has been ranked to be the world’s worst airport for business class travelers.

According to the Business Class Index, NAIA has a score of 0.88/10 in the business class. This is the last rank out of 38 airports around the globe. The scoring looks at the airport’s number of lounges, destinations covered, the annual on-time flight percentages and the rating from Skytrax.

The Philippines’ main airport garnered low scores in these categories: number of destinations, on-time performance, and rating from Skytrax. The airport has only 101 destinations served with 59.6% on time flights recorded annually, with a measly rating of 3 on Skytrax.


NAIA is far from the airports like Heathrow in London, which bagged the spot as the best airport for business class travelers.

The Department of Transportation and Manila International Airport Authority replied to this study and clarified that the NAIA is not a hub port, but a destination port, which is the reason why it has a low number of business class lounges as well as onward destinations.

The DOTr also said that they are looking for “verifiable basis,” as the Bounce app has “no operation whatsoever in the Philippines.”

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