Pag-IBIG Fund payment moratorium scheme: No penalties and late fees


In cooperation with the government’s mandate to aid the Filipino people amidst the state of national health emergency because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pag-IBIG Fund has now offered two special loan moratoriums for all qualified members.

Announced last 7th of May 2020, the agency shall be providing a payment moratorium scheme for individual applicants and business owners under favorable conditions.

All payments will be enrolled in the automatic grace period of the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act plus the existing three-month rule for a moratorium. These may be two separate programs but it seeks to aid the financial need of Pag-IBIG members. Processing can take 14 to 28 business days from the time of application before the decision of the approval.

Pag-IBIG has formally announced that their borrowers which sum up to over 4.8 million members will be given a grace period before their next loan payment for all the months that falls during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

This means that all members will not incur any penalty on their loan bills. Borrowers will also be given an option to have their payment settlement staggered from the accumulated interest of the unpaid principal amount within the loan’s remaining payment period.

Furthermore, the agency shall continue to receive applications and approve loan applications among all members for the Multi-Purpose Loan, Housing Loan, and Calamity Loan.

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Active loans will also be getting the same moratorium for their payment period. Any pending loan payments that fall from the 16th of March until the 15th of June will be held. They are also granting absolute approval for payment extensions for minimum wage owners for socialized and housing loans and an automatic moratorium for members with good payment history.

Since the announcement, Pag-IBIG has received more than 12,000 applications daily with an 80% approval rate for a moratorium. Any member can apply for a moratorium for their new and existing loans by visiting the digital portal of Pag-IBIG through this link. You just have to provide your loan’s account number for home loans or your membership ID number for calamity and multi-purpose loans.

By applying for an extension of your payments for a maximum of three months, all members with existing loans can get a longer time to earn and save money before their next scheduled date of payment. Once approved, the qualified member will be receiving a confirmation email that contains the details of the active loan, the original date of payment, your new due date, and the amount that you have to settle for every date indicated.

Penalties will be applied to each loan account when a member falls short in payment within the adjusted due date. In addition, each member should be updated regarding their loan balance and status.

To make sure you’re not getting charge anything extra, visit your online account from Pag-IBIG so you can see the latest updates. Once your bill arrives, visit any accredited payment center to settle the amount or directly pay through your respective mobile banking app.

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  1. Can I asked a moratorium for my Pag-ibig Housing Loan, which I was’nt able to pay due to pandemic and due to the sudden and tragic death of my one and only child ?
    I visited your Cabanatuan branch and told me that I can pay at their branch provided that it is the whole amount of P18,860 (no interest and penalty), I cant pay in installment basis provided if i will coordinate with the Atty (because its under the law firm already due to failure to pay for 3 months). However, I paid thru Save More- Jaen branch dated today 11/11/2020 amounting to P5,000.00. I will pay it thru installment basis only.
    My Housing Account # 316009675810.
    Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  2. Good evening.
    I was not able to pay my monthly dues because of this pandemic.
    I have been seeking and trying to call visit oersonally pag naga branch but to no avail. Phone just kept on ringing. Cannot wait in the very long queue, i have tried 3x last year.
    Naga branch is 2 and a half hour travel province which is labo cams norte.
    I needed to request loan restructuring and time extension..a condonation perhaps? Thank you and God bless.