Making for one of 50 nations to first set out plans towards national AI-based strategy and policy-making, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) rolled out on Wednesday, May 5, the artificial intelligence (AI) roadmap for the Philippines.

With the focal point aimed towards the technology’s future economic impact, DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez claims a prospective significant growth of 12 percent or roughly an equivalent to $94 billion, which can be attained by 2030, should the country adopt AI. That is according to a study by the research firm, Kearney.

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For something as substantial, the benefits seem to draw from the AI’s influence in developing industries, generating better quality enterprises, and producing higher-paying jobs to the local workforce.

On its way to its lofty goal of becoming an AI powerhouse in the future, a shared platform for AI studies, or the National Center for AI Research (NCAIR), will be founded.

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