The Department of Information and Communications Technology has announced its full support for Senate Bill No. 2103, also known as the Internet Consumer Protection and Net Neutrality Act.

Per a press release from the Philippine Information Agency, the DICT encourages the enactment of net neutrality standards together with governing principles on reliable, affordable telecom services. DICT Secretary Gregorio Honasan II said the government should advocate for a digital transformation that provides Filipinos with equitable access to Internet connectivity.

The bill, introduced by Senator Imee R. Marcos, aims to provide a level playing field, so that a small presence on the Internet such as a tiny blog can have the same opportunities enjoyed by social media giants in reaching their audiences.

Net neutrality is defined, among other things, as the equal treatment of data traffic. It requires Internet service providers to be application-agnostic. Without net neutrality, ISPs can be abusive and favor certain websites while throttling others.

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  1. Napansin ko lang, kapag nasa dashboard ako ng wi-fi namin, biglang ilang hundreds ng kbps yung speed pero kapag nasa normal websites na or other apps, biglang babalik sa mediocre/slow speeds. Ewan ko kung related ba ito pero sana mas lalo pang dadami yung laws para mag-improve yung internet services sa buong bansa.