In a bid to give as many Filipinos their essential identification card before the year ends, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is already hands-on in bringing a printable National ID to the general public.

Per national statistician Dennis Mapa, the PSA is currently fast-tracking the production of physical ID cards that go in print at the Bangko Sental ng Pilipinas (BSP). But part of the effort is also to issue a so-called printable ID that can be printed at PSA registration centers.

Ideally, the rollout will significantly increase the number of registrants with a National ID, whether such an ID came from the BSP or at the PSA registration center.

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To date, there is still no concrete information as to when the printable ID will be implemented.

From a previous statement, Mapa claims that the PSA targets some 28 million Filipinos with a physical card, which thus leaves the remaining majority having printable National IDs.

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