The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) is looking into space science and technology applications to bring internet connectivity for public schools, especially schools in far-flung rural locations.

According to PhilSA Director General Joel Marciano Jr., the national space agency will also assist the Department of Education in establishing a future workforce that’s ready and knowledgeable in a space-enabled economy.

PhilSA is part of an interagency task force that is working on implementing the Public Schools of the Future in Technology (PSOFT) Act, a legislation that aims to provide enough funding for public schools to build a digital and technological infrastructure.

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Part of the PSOFT roadmap laid out by the task force is to ensure public schools have universal access to the internet. In that regard, Marciano said his agency plans to tap satellite constellations in low and medium earth orbits for internet connectivity.

On a similar note, PhilSA launched in October its project called Incentivise, or Introducing Non-Geostationary Satellite Constellations Test Deployments to Improve Internet Service. The project lets satellite internet operators conduct test deployments at certain remote areas in the country.

Source: PNA

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