The Department of Information and Communications and Technology (DICT) has reminded the public of the SIM registration deadline.

As per the department, the deadline for the SIM registration will be on April 26, 2023, which is 180 days after it rolled out last December 27, 2022.



This deadline applies to existing SIM owners before the rollout as SIM card stocks on the market are automatically set to deactivated until they are registered.

So what will happen if your working SIM card is not registered before April 26? Well, as per the SIM registration law and the DICT themselves, unregistered SIMs will be automatically deactivated after the said deadline.

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This shouldn’t be a big issue considering the wave of people already registering their SIMs. As of January 11, there are already over 17.6 million SIM cards registered.

The biggest registrants are from Smart, where 12.31% or over 8.3 million of its roughly 68 million subscribers are already registered. Meanwhile, 7.7 million (8.84%) of Globe’s 87.9 million subscribers are already registered, while 11.95% (1.6 million) of DITO Telecommunity’s 13.1 million have already had their SIMs registered.

So, if you haven’t already, here’s a complete guide on how you can register your Smart, Globe, or DITO SIM cards. You can also reach DICT’s dedicated complaint center if you’re having concerns.

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