The Philippines has finally passed the SIM Registration Act or RA No. 11934 in an attempt to curb text scams, spam, online fraud, and more.

Having your SIM registered means submitting some personal information and valid IDs to confirm your identity and have those details stored to aid authorities in investigations if need be.

Under the new law, all of the SIMs that are sold by telcos, resellers, and distributors will stay on deactivated mode until the buyer have it registered. Meanwhile, existing SIM owners will have a limited time to have their accounts registered.

That said, today we’ll show you how you can register your SIM card — from the requirements to the complete process. Let’s begin.



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When does SIM registration starts?

SIM card registration starts today, December 27, 2022. This is after the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) have been completed a few weeks back. The SIM Registration Act was formally signed into law last October 10, 2022.

What are the requirements for SIM registration?

To register your SIM card, you have to provide your full name, complete address, date of birth, sex, and the SIM card’s mobile and serial number. Plus, you must present at least one of the following government IDs:

  • PhilSys National ID
  • UMID
  • Driver’s License
  • SSS/GSIS card
  • Senior Citizen’s Card
  • Police Clearance
  • Passport
  • NBI Clearance
  • Voter’s ID
  • PRC ID
  • IBP ID
  • TIN ID
  • Firearms License
  • PWD card
  • Government ID
  • School ID (for minors)

Meanwhile, foreign nationals must present their full name, nationality, passport number, Philippine address, and any of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Return ticket or departure ticket (for tourists)
  • Proof of address in the Philippines
  • Alien Certificate of Registration ID
  • Alien Employment Permit
  • School registration ID (for students)
  • Other pertinent documents

How to register my SIM card?

All three top telcos: Globe, Smart, and DITO Telecommunity have setup online portals so users can conveniently register their SIM cards. You can follow their respective processes below.

How to register my Globe, TM or Home Prepaid SIM?

For now, the procedure is done online through a dedicated Globe page. Come January, you can also conveniently register via the GlobeOne app. We’ll update the steps below once more details are available.

Step 1: Visit this link: and key in your mobile number. You can also register your SIM via the GlobeOne app starting January.


Step 2: Go to your messages to see a text from Globe with a 7-digit one-time pin (OTP).


Step 3: Go back to the registration page and type the 7-digit OTP.


Step 4: Type your personal information such as your full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, and address.


Step 5: Verify your identity by uploading your valid ID and by taking a selfie.


Step 6: Tick the check boxes confirming that you understand the privacy notice.


Step 7: Keep the reference number as a proof that your SIM is registered.


How to register my Smart, Smart Bro, or TNT SIM?

Like Globe, Smart’s SIM card registration is done online. Soon, Smart may also launch the process through their mobile app. We’ll update this article once more details are available.

Step 1: Visit this link: Type your mobile number, wait for the one-time password (OTP) to arrive in your text message, then type it in the OTP section.


Step 2: Provide personal information such as your name, address, date of birth, and sex.

Step 3: Upload a valid ID and take a selfie to confirm your identity.

Step 4: You’ll be shown a reference number stating that your registration is complete. Save that number as a proof that your SIM have been registered.

How to register my DITO SIM?

You can register your DITO SIM via the DITO app, the same app you use when checking your balance, reloading, and more.

Step 1: Download and set up your DITO app, which is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Step 2: Head to the SIM Registration section. Type in your mobile number, go to your messages app and wait for the OTP sent by DITO via SMS, then go back to the SIM registration page and type the OTP.

Step 3: Provide your personal information.

Step 4: Present one valid ID and take a selfie to verify your identity.

Step 5: Save the reference number as proof that your SIM has been registered.

Do existing SIM card owners still have to register?

Yes. Existing subscribers have until April 26, 2023, 180 days from the SIM Registration Act was signed into law.

Update 04/25/23: SIM Registration deadline was extended by 90 days. New deadline is July 25, 2023.


Do postpaid users have to register their SIM?

No. Globe Postpaid, Platinum, Globe Business, and Smart Postpaid subscribers are automatically pre-registered using the information provided on their initial application. However, your telco provider may still get in touch with you in case there is missing information needed to comply with the law.

Is there a fee for SIM registration?

No. Telcos are offering SIM card registration for FREE. There’s no need to pay anything.

Can minors register their SIM cards?

Yes. The SIM of minors aged 18 years old and below will be registered under the name of their parent or legal guardian.

Do I still have to register if I switched telcos via Mobile Number Portability?

Yes. If you switched telcos but kept the same number via the Mobile Number Portability (MNP), you still have to register your number to the portal of your new telco provider.

I can’t access the website for SIM registration. What to do?

Your telco’s SIM registration cannot be accessed or experiencing an error probably because of system overload due to a lot of people currently using it. If you’re having a problem, you can try it on a different day. Keep in mind that existing SIM owners have until April 26, 2023 to register, so you have a lot of time to do it.

These are the things you should know for SIM registration in the Philippines. If you have further questions, ask them in the comments below and someone from the team or the community will be happy to help you out.

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