Do you want to check your Globe remaining balance for both the prepaid load and data? You came to the right place.

Being one of the biggest telcos in the Philippines, there are definitely tons of Filipinos who want to regularly check their Globe remaining balance so they can monitor their consumption.

Checking how much balance is left is crucial so you know when to reload, especially if you’re out and about your busy day. It will also help you calculate and adjust how you consume your data before it runs out.



Thankfully, there are three ways to do this. There’s one using your phone’s dialer, SMS messaging, and a dedicated app for both Android and iOS devices. Each method has varying steps and can show you different data and stats of your load balance. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Check Globe remaining balance by dialing *143#

Step 1: Open your device’s “Dialer” or “Phone” app.


Step 2: Dial *143#.


Step 3: You shall see your Globe remaining balance on the top of the list.

As per our experience, getting an error using this method is normal. If you do, try dialing again. You can also try turning on and off the Airplane mode or restarting your phone entirely.


Step 4: To check for the remaining data balance, type 0 (MyAccount) > type 1 (Data Balance) > Wait for the text message with your data balance details.


Check Globe balance by texting 8080

Step 1: Open your phone’s SMS app and create a message.


Step 2: In the recipient tab type 8080 then type “Bal” if you want to check the status of your combo promos. To check your remaining data, you can type “Data bal” and click send.


Step 3: You shall receive a text message detailing the balance you have left and when it will expire.

Based on our experience, there are times where getting a response from Globe takes time. The best you can do is wait or try sending the text request again.


Check balance using GlobeOne App

Step 1: Download the GlobeOne app on the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store on iPhones. Setup the app by creating an account using your email/social media app, nominate a six-digit pin, and enroll your Globe mobile number.

Step 2: Right from the home screen, you can already see your remaining prepaid load balance. You can also check the expiry date, view the loading history, and buy load in the app.


You can scroll down to see your remaining data balance under the “My Data” tab, complete with a graphic visualization to give you a better idea of how much is left. Next to it is the “App Data” tab that shows the amount of data left for your chosen freebie.


In our case, we’re enrolled on GO99+ prepaid promo that came with 8GB of open-access data and an 8GB freebie for GoSHARE apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) Scrolling further down also shows the texts/calls that come with your promo. In our case, the GO99+ comes with unlimited texts to all networks.


The GlobeOne App is not just great for checking your balance. Essentially, it’s a hub of everything Globe. You can buy promos, loan load, check loan promos, check rewards, and even see your GCash balance and pay bills.

Those are the ways you can check your Globe prepaid balance, and we’ll updating this guide if more methods are introduced. But if you’re not sure what promo to subscribe in the first place, here’s a full list of Globe prepaid promo available today.

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  1. Still I cannot receive response from Data Balancing by dialing *143#, press call then 0 (my acct), then data balance. I usually get response to this but as of today i cannot receive any response on this.