As the world progresses towards the digital age, it’s not surprising that trainings and/or seminars on its different aspects are being held. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is now offering some of these trainings.

A recent report of ABC-CBN news highlighted John Kevin Lemen who has a fascination with mobile and digital game production. However, because he lacked sufficient knowledge in programming, Lemen turned to work as a call center agent instead.

Gladly, TESDA now offers a free training in game development so now he just have to finish his on-the-job training before graduating from the Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI).


The said institute offers this free high-tech skills training such as game programming, animation, electrical installation and maintenance, and mechatronics. According to Lemen himself, he chose to study here because he had learned a lot of the fundamentals needed for programming.

For those who wishes to apply, Marivic Sangun—the administrative officer of TESDA HRDI—advices that one should ensure that he shall finish the training program which may last for at least 6 months.

When the training is done, a National Certificate (NC) 3 will be given. This would mean that one should have finished an NC-2 course before applying. Where do you get an NC-2? You could take an exam (provided you have adequate experience on the field) and have it assessed.

An evolving country like the Philippines has to make sure there are people competent in technological skills. TESDA ensures that Filipinos are well-equipped hence the free trainings.

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