Good news for students: The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) announced the implementation of the Student Free Ride Program.

Taking the train has been one of the ways people can commute from work or school. With that said, it is a privilege to avail of the Student Free Ride as a benefit which caters to the student body. But how can you be part of the program?

According to LRTA, you could avail the Student Free Ride ID by sending an online application here.

After you have accomplished the application form, you should receive an e-mail on when you can claim your ID. You may claim your ID at your nearby LRT station.

Now, you still have to comply to requirements while your ID is being processed. These requirements are as follows:

1. Present your school ID to the station teller located at the Student Free Ride booth
2. Claim your Student Free Ride Ticket
3. Present the ticket, along with your school ID, to the security guard at the service gate
4. After you have arrived at your station, you have to show your school ID once more to the security guard at the service gate. The guard will then ask you to drop the ticket on a box located in every station.

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You may download the image below for the full DOTr student free ride guidelines.


The Department of Transportation (DOTr) stated that the scope of the free train ride includes the Philippine National Railway (PNR), Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3), as well as Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT-2) on specific schedules.

Although this has only been a pilot test to observe how this will come out; DOTr has made an update of an estimated 5,000 students who have already benefited from the free ride since the first day of its implementation.

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