There are tons of Apple features that Android and Windows users envy. One of them is the Universal Clipboard, which allows users to easily copy texts from their iPhone to their Mac, and vice versa.

But being an open platform, Android and Windows PC users can also get this feature via a third-party service. Finally, you’ll be able to copy a huge chunk of texts, reminders, articles, and what not from your mobile device to your computer. No need to retype everything or use a separate messaging app just to send texts to a different device.

But unlike Apple’s built-in feature, you need to do some tinkering for this to work. Don’t worry though, as it is actually relatively easy.


How to copy and paste text from Android to Windows PC and vice versa

To do this, you need to download an app from your Android device and configure some settings on your Windows PC. We’ll show you each steps individually.

The important thing is, you should have a Microsoft account as you’d use it to sync between apps and devices.

On your Android phone

Step 1: For it to work, you need to use Microsoft SwiftKey as your keyboard. You can download and install it on your Android device from the Google Play Store.


Step 2: Tap “Enable SwiftKey” and check SwiftKey in the settings.


Step 3: Click “Select SwiftKey” and choose “Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard.”


Step 4: Tap “Finish Setup.”


Step 5: Hit Sign in with Microsoft and key in your Microsoft account details. This is important, as you’d be able to copy and paste texts from every device that the account is signed in to.


Step 6: Click Rich Input.


Step 7: Tap Clipboard.


Step 8: Enable Sync Clipboard history. It will ask you to sign in to your Microsoft account again. Do that and you’re done.


On your Windows PC

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC.


Step 2: Click System.


Step 3: Scroll down and go to Clipboard.


Step 4: Hit Get Started on the Share across devices section.


Step 5: Sign in the same Microsoft account that you used on your Android device.


Step 6: Make sure that the “Automatically sync text that I copy” option is enabled. And you’re good. You can now copy paste between Windows and Android easily.


Microsoft SwiftKey Android and Windows PC copy paste not working?

If you’ve done the steps perfectly but still can’t copy from Android and Windows PC, don’t worry, as we also faced a similar issue.


To fix it, we tried going back to the Clipboard settings on the Windows PC and clicked “Clear clipboard data.” After that, the copy-paste worked seamlessly.

That’s the complete guide on how you can easily copy and paste from your Android device to your Windows laptop or desktop PC, and vice versa. If you have further questions, post them in the comments below and someone from the team or the community will try to help you out.

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