Beep cardholders who find themselves with an expired card can still find 90 days of additional life on their cards if they use the beep card validity extender.

How much is the fee for expired Beep card extension?

For just Php10, a beep commuter may just head directly to a nearby beep card machine alongside beep card loading stations to use the feature. That is, taking note that only expired beep cards with at least that required amount are valid to employ it.

How much is a new Beep card?

A typical beep card will cost only Php30 at train stations, but can also be bought elsewhere at a marked-up price of Php50. By default, the card will have a validity period of up to four (4) years. But for a more frequent traveler, this can be shorter at 50,000 commutes within that same period.

Extend expired Beep card or get a new one?

While paying for a brand-new card from a train station would make a lot of economic sense as far as mileage is concerned over choosing to extend an expired card’s life for a mere few more months at a fractional price, there are situations where a cardholder would opt for the latter instead of the former. Usually, it would entail an instance where the expired card is substantially loaded, which the owner could either still use to the fullest extent or be able to transfer to a new card.


Beep card balance expiry

According to beep, any expired card with a remaining balance has a 12-month grace period before the content gets forfeited. Meaning, that if a card gets expired on May 1, 2022, without extension, the owner will still have until May 1, 2023, to do something about it before the remaining balance vanishes from the system.

Beep card for senior citizens and persons with disabilities

Fortunately for concessionary card owners, such as persons with disabilities and senior citizens, the fee to extend an expired Beep card’s validity is waived. This, in essence, translates to theoretical lifetime use of the beep card among such individuals.

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