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How to screenshot Instagram Stories without triggering the alert

3 ways on how you can take a screenshot of IG Stories like a ninja

how to take screenshot on instagram stories

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people were dismayed when Instagram launched the screenshot alerts in  IG Stories.

This is one of the features that Instagram took from Snapchat. Well, aside from the actual Stories feature itself.

However, considering how the internet works, there are still a lot of work-around on this feature. For those who want to know ways to get around it, we listed a few tricks on how you can save or screenshot other people’s Instagram Stories before it gets deleted after 24 hours.

The “Airplane Mode” method

This is probably the easiest one on the list. However, its effectivity may change depending on how Instagram updates the security feature. This method will work when you turn off your WiFi or Cellular Data before doing a screenshot. However, it’s best to turn off all the antennas all the way used by enabling the Airplane Mode on the control center.

To start, you have to view the user’s Stories first while still connected to the internet. This will allow the Story to be cached or saved within the app. After that, you just need to enable the Airplane Mode.

how to screenshot instagram stories - airplane mode method

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And since the story has been cached, you can still access it without an internet connection. This means that you can now take the screenshot without notifying the user. Since it doesn’t have internet access, Instagram cannot send the alert to the other user.

It is also best that you completely close the Instagram app on the Recent Apps menu before turning the internet connection back.

Printscreen on a Desktop browser

This second method might need a little more effort. Obviously, you need to stand up and get a PC or a Mac for this one.

Simply launch your preferred desktop browser and sign in to your Instagram account. From the Home page, you can see the Stories tab in the right corner.

how to screenshot instagram stories-1

Just look for the Story you want to take a screenshot of and just snap away by using the “PrintScreen” button. Since the Instagram web client doesn’t communicate with your computer’s system to a certain extent, it couldn’t tell if you’re taking a screenshot or not. Hence, it wouldn’t trigger an alert.

You can either use your PC’s built-in screenshot feature or any other third-party app.

Story Reposter and Story Saver apps

As the name suggests, these apps allow you to repost other people’s Stories. It’s kinda similar to the “retweet” button on Twitter. But as it turns out, it has other benefits.

We have seen two apps that do the same thing. There’s the Story Saver for Android, and Story Reposter for iOS. However, each has they their own pros and cons.

With Story Reposter, you don’t have to sign in your Instagram account. Simply search for the user then pick which Story of them you want to save. But if they are in private mode, then you won’t be able to access their Stories.

To save an IG story using Story Saver, tap “Share” and hit “Save Image”.

how to screenshot instagram stories - story saver app ios

But in Story Saver, you can access private accounts. Well, for as long as you follow them on Instagram as you’re required to log in your account first. It requires a bit more effort than the other app, but it gives access to non-public accounts.

how to screenshot instagram stories - story reposter app android

Once you picked the story you want, just tap it and hit “Save” for the Story Saver.

Well, basically that’s it. Bear in mind that the effectivity of these methods might change over time. Instagram might alter some things to tighten the implementation of the feature, so be aware and be responsible when taking screenshots of other people’s Instagram stories.


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