Do you ever fancy sending SMS and email messages through your Gmail alone, instead of switching between your laptop and Android smartphone to do two things? With the Chrome plugin called GText from MightyText, you can send and receive text messages directly from Gmail on your computer.

By following the simple instructions below, you can get started in less than a minute.

  1. Grab GText from MightyText from the Chrome web store and install it.
  2. Next, open Gmail in a new tab and click Authorize, which is right below the compose button.
  3. If authorization is finalized, a Compose SMS button replaces it.
  4. But before you start texting away through your Gmail, you must first get the phone version of MightyText in order to link your Google—and therefore Gmail—account.
  5. After giving certain app permissions in your phone, the whole setup is then complete. It’s that easy.

How to Synchronize Android Text Messages with Gmail

MightyText performs all the syncing for you automatically, as long as your phone and Gmail are connected to the Internet. This means that you can view all past conversations of each contact’s message thread. If you don’t have Gmail, you can still send and receive messages via This web app also lets you see your phone’s battery status, check who’s calling on your phone, and even synchronize or backup photos and videos to your computer.

If you’re worried about additional charges, you’ll be glad to know that any SMS messages you send through Gmail actually goes through your phone, which means your mobile provider will charge you as they normally should when sending SMS from your phone. If you’re subscribed in unlimited texting, you can send SMS for free. MightyText doesn’t charge for its sync and SMS backup services either.

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Sync the SMS to Tablet and PC

Note that there’s already an official (but still experimental) Text Messaging (SMS) feature for Gmail. It lets you send free texts to your friends in many countries across the globe, while your recipients can reply and be charged with the normal rates of their mobile carrier. However, the feature still have a couple of limitations, therefore making MightyText’s offering the better choice at the moment.

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