The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has created the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS), an online portal that aims to modernize its system and for motorists to have easier access to registration, transactions, and details on their licenses and registration.

You can use the LTO LTMS Online Portal to book appointments, apply for new or renew driver’s licenses, check if you have violations and demerit points, take theoretical driving courses, and more.

It goes without saying that having an LTMS account is more important than ever if you’re a motorist in the Philippines. In fact, it’s already a requirement for new license and renewal applicants.


So, if you still don’t have one, here’s a complete guide on how you can create an account and use the LTMS online portal.

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How to create an account with LTO LTMS Online Portal

Making an LTMS Portal account is really fast and easy. All you need is a smartphone or computer with internet access. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Proceed to the LTMS online portal via this link: Click Register Now.


Step 2: Read the Terms of Agreement. Tick the checkbox, type the security code, and click Next.


Step 3: Choose “Enroll as an Individual.”


Step 4: Click Yes or No if you already have a Driver’s or Conductor’s License.

If your answer is “Yes”, provide your license number, serial number, and expiry date. If your answer is “No,” click Continue.


Step 5: Answer if you’re a Filipino citizen or not.


Step 6: Key in your personal details.


Step 7: Type your contact information and hit Create Account. Then, complete the registration by verifying your email address. Open the email from LTO, click the provided link, and nominate your 8-character password.



How to log in to my LTMS account


After creating an account (see the guide above if you haven’t yet), go to this link: Click login, type your email and password, then click Sign In.

If this is the first time you’re signing in, make sure you complete your profile.

How to complete my LTO LTMS Online Portal profile

Now that you’ve created and accessed your account, it’s time to complete your profile. Follow the steps below to see how.

Step 1: After signing in, click Profile.


Sep 2: Complete all the fields, especially those with red marks. Such details include some personal and medical information, emergency contact, and address. Once done, click Apply Changes.


Do I need to visit an LTO office to create an online portal account?

No. You can set up an LTMS account in the comfort of your home as long as you have a device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) that has a browser and internet connectivity.

But if you’re having problems, you can still visit your nearest LTO office for assistance.

I forgot my LTMS portal password. What should I do?


Did you forget your LTMS password? To fix it, simply proceed to the login page and click “Forgot Password”. After that, type your email or LTO client number. A confirmation will then be sent to your registered email address where you can change your password to a new one.

I’m getting a “Serial number does not match any records on LTMS portal. What to do?

If you get this error when you input your license number, even if you have a valid driver’s license, simply click the “No” button when you’re asked if you have an official driver’s or conductor’s license.

These are the things you should know when creating and setting up an account with the LTMS online portal. If you have further questions, we’ll try to answer them in the comments below.

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