There is an ongoing trend on TikTok where users are scouring their Instagram activity to check their oldest comments.

Other than the nostalgia, sharing your oldest comments and other interactions on Instagram can be so cringe-worthy that they are actually entertaining for some TikTok users. And as you know, with over 1 billion monthly active users, you need to participate in these trends to make it big on the platform.

But how can you actually participate in this trend? Today, we’ll show you simple steps on how to check your oldest comments, likes, and other activities on Instagram. Just make sure you’re ready for the cringe fest that’s about to happen.


How to see your oldest Instagram comments and activities

Step 1: Open your Instagram account, go to your profile, and tap the menu icon on the top left.


Step 2: Tap “Your activity”.


Step 3: Tap “Interactions”.


Step 4: Tap the type of interaction you want to see: Comments, Likes, and Story Replies. For this tutorial, we’ll check the comments.


Step 5: Now you are presented with all of your comments arranged from newest to oldest. To rearrange the list from oldest to newest, tap “Sort and Filter”.


Step 6: Tap “Sort by” and choose “Oldest to newest”. After clicking “Apply”, the top of the list should display the very first comment you’ve ever made on Instagram.


That’s it. Take a screen recording and have your way at it on TikTok. Afterward, you can read more comments and have a trip down memory lane.

You can also use these steps to check your oldest liked images if you want to look back on your previous interest. Old stories replies can also be seen, even your poll and quiz answers.

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